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More than halfway through the year—progress report

More than halfway through the year—progress report

It’s mid August and time for a progress report. It’s been a while since I checked in on my goals. Some of them have changed or morphed and I had even forgot several of them.

Just to review. Here are the goals:

  1. Ponder Walter Mitty. (This doesn’t have to be a goal. I do this. I’m removing this from the list.)
  2. Get serious and finish War and Peace. (Done!)
  3. Stop eating sugar, milk, and flour for one…

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Any my eyes water

Any my eyes water

My eyes are filled with dust and smoke
They burn with tears that can’t be shed
Hot like the fires in the fields, in the forests, in the hills
Lagrimas de oro
Hot and then cold
Something has changed
It’s you.
But what happened?
I see you there
Captured behind a blanket of air
Air that fuels the fires
Invisible but impenetrable
The Devil, full of his insatiable desires
Full of his own self worth

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Fellow Dovlatovians, I won’t be there

Fellow Dovlatovians, I won’t be there

The street naming ceremony for Soviet émigré writer Sergei Dovlatov will take place at 108th Street and 63rd Drive on Sunday, September 7th at 10 a.m. If only it were in October or even better in November, I might possibly attend, but spontaneity is not part of my existence right now. And it’s not like ol’ Sergei will be there anyway…But a lot of really cool people who appreciate him will be …so…

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NaNoWriMo: My characters are calling

NaNoWriMo: My characters are calling

In an interview, Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, said that there are all these stories wandering around up in the Ether that are just waiting to be written, and if you don’t write them, if you don’t act as a conduit to help them enter the world, they’ll find someone who will. Don’t let someone else write your story, she warns.

Last November, I participated in NaNoWriMo. I didn’t…

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Fathers and Sons

By Ivan Turgenev, Modern Library New York, @ 1961 for the English translation by Bernard Guilbert Guerney; first published in 1862, 281 pages.

I don’t know what it is, but if someone tells me to read a book or an author, I automatically resist. The more they rave, the more I resist. So way back when, I asked someone to make a list of must-read Russian authors, and Turgenev was on this list. I…

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Forget New York This Fall, Visit Siberia

Forget New York This Fall, Visit Siberia

In my last blog post, I glibly suggested that we all visit New York City this fall to attend the ceremony celebrating a street named in the honor of Sergei Dovlatov.

That being suggested, I would now like to glibly suggest that we abandon that idea and instead visit Siberia to listen to the very much alive and kicking rock group, DDT in Siberia. I mean, given the choice, what would Dovlatov do?


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Sergei Dovlatov Way—A Reason to Visit New York This Fall

Sergei Dovlatov Way—A Reason to Visit New York This Fall

Somehow I got in on signing a petition to name an American street after the Soviet emigre writer Sergei Dovlatov. I am very pleased to say that a street in New York City has been approved to be named in his honor. This is pretty cool. I only became aware of this author’s existence a couple of years ago, but since then I have found his voice so strong and clear, so inspiring, so down to earth, so…

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Re-Awaken the Giant Within

Re-Awaken the Giant Within

By Anthony Robbins, e-book

I came across this book Friday when I was surfing for a book that I hoped could help me change my thinking, my thought patterns—because clearly what I’ve been doing isn’t working.

Friday, I had one coworker lie to my face and another actually apologize to me. These two guys have been putting me through the wringer on a regular basis, and while I’m trying to stay strong,…

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Vacant meditation
an easy ritual from youth
lost now in adulthood
vaguely remembered
as dogs are barking
a truck rattles down the street
joins the murmur on Speedway
like ocean waves breaking
silence interrupts
the barking dogs
and thoughts of you.

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Basic Human Needs (after the essentials)

Basic Human Needs (after the essentials)

1) Significance (feeling we matter)
2) Certainty (safety, security)
3) Uncertainty (variety, surprise)
4) Connection (with others)
5) Growth (moving forward, progress)
6) Contribution (making a difference, adding)

The idea is that if any three of these are present, a habit can become addictive. Something to think about.

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